Chladni Figures Poster


An edition of 125 signed and numbered screen printed posters on 315gsm Heritage paper. Print is 80cm x 80cm with an 8cm border.

‘These patterns were formed by playing notes of varying frequencies through a steel plate with sand on it. First discovered by German physicist Ernst Chladni in the 18th century, using a violin bow to create the notes, he found that the higher the frequency the more complex the pattern, leading to a variety of organic and geometric shapes.
They remind us that everything has its own resonance. For example each of the organs, and even cells in the human body have their optimum resonance, and in a healthy body they will resonate in harmony, like the notes in a chord.
It is also interesting to note that the sand collects in the ‘dead’ areas of the plate that do not vibrate. The actual shape of the energy from the sound is invisible. It is these invisible forces that shape the world around us, what we see, the physical form of things, is actually the residue from the movement of these hidden energies.’

Poster comes rolled in a sturdy tube.